Labour Camp Management Software

Labour Camp Management Software will enhance creation and maintenance of attendance records and allows you to save difficulties and time with this. Accinge Labour Camp Management Software is a solution to monitor the amenities provided for labour welfare to achieve both business and social responsibility objectives.

Features Of Labour Camp Management Software

  • Helps to co-ordinate time consuming process in labour camp in day-today basis with ease.
  • Reduces human intervention/activity.
  • Easy to maintain heaps of records.
  • Total MIS report to know exact position of labour camp with full details
  • Easy to generate invoice for customers with detailed summary, A Biggest headache for labour camp management is resolved easily
  • Helps to have a total control on labour camp activities
  • Day end process checks day-today activities on daily basis which will help management to co-ordinate with labour camp manager to do everyday activity and to know number of pending works/days
  • Allocation of rooms and beds efficiently for better management of occupants.
Labour Camp Management Software