ERP Solutions

ERP is business operations organizing software that permit an organization to utilize a method of integrated applications to organize the business and automate multiple tasks associated to services,technology and HR. Accinge ERP is a lean and flexible ERP solutions tailored to conform to the way you do business. Accinge ERP covers all the standard modules like Finance, HR, Procurement, Inventory and also some custom modules based on cleint requirement.

Features Of ERP Solutions

  • Multi Location, Company, Multi cost center handling
  • Process Workflow defining
  • Real time report analysis
  • User customizable Reporting Feature
  • Multi barcode design attachable.
  • Purchase, upgrade, integrate module with ease.
  • Module and workflow customization according to customer need.
  • Security feature to manage and restrict user based on hierarchy.
  • Mailing and SMS feature for notification.
ERP solutions Dubai